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Our culture

Learn what we are like before deciding to apply

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HR Operations
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We like giving and taking clear feedback

Open communication

We believe that the ability to talk to each other openly is crucial in creating a supportive workplace and delivering amazing projects. Everyone is encouraged to share their mind and come up with ideas to improve their work. This culture of open communication combined with regular 1-1 meetings with your leader make it easier to create satisfying development paths. Encouraging the professional and personal development of our colleagues is another pillar of our identity.

How do we work?

The way we work is reflected in our values: People, Integrity, Excellence and Agility. At Objectivity we appreciate everyone's contribution, continuously learn from feedback and give autonomy to individuals and teams.

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Meeting Objectivity

We like to talk. That's why you get the Objectivity feeling already during the recruitment process. Our talents sourcers spend most of the time making you acquainted with the company culture by e.g. giving you enough time to ask all the questions. And since half of us got hired here thanks to recommendation, it's quite possible that you already have a friend here!

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Development paths

Objectivity puts great emphasis on the development of its employees. Of course, every position has its standard path, but you can also create your own. Going from an HR Specialist to a Business Analyst doesn’t surprise anyone here. That’s exactly what our colleague Kasia did. With a lot of commitment and the willingness to learn from the more experienced colleagues, she quickly managed to become great at the new role. If you have enough enthusiasm and determination, you’ll surely be able to switch to a new role at Objectivity, if that’s what you want to do. 

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We focus on performance. One of the tools we use for that are one-to-one meetings with your leader. Informal, confidential, flexible in structure, dedicated to removing impediments of your work. You just speak to your leader about what you need to do your job better. Training? Tool? Different challenge? Magic suit of Iron Man? (we can’t deliver that one, sorry). We believe that the responsibility of employee development is a matter of both parties – so be prepare for taking mutual commitments.   

Shake Hands


Voices of all employees are equal, so all ideas, opinions and suggestions are taken into account and treated in the same way: discussed in the aspect of business pragmatism. Surely, everyone has a leader who supervises and helps in their work thanks to the seniority, but we want it to be a partnering relationship. Your leader is the first point of contact with any kind of issues you might have. And if it happens that your leader is a part of the issue – you have your trusted HR Business Partner who will support you.



We are practical people. Instead of fanfares making noise upon your arrival - a senior colleagues in roles of mentors will welcome you while beginning the on-boarding process. In the first three days you will e.g. visit the whole office (without being forced to socialize if a small-talk isn't your thing), receive a hand-book that answers 99% of your questions and meet your team members to ehlp you feel at ease quicker.

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Remote vs office

Every employee has a choice between full remote, work from the office and a hybrid setup. Our offices in Gdańsk and Wrocław are always open and you can use them every day, or just a few days a week — you decide. We obviously encourage all our employees to meet their teams in real-life at least once in a while, since it helps with integration and building a team spirit. That’s also why we promote turning your camera on during online meetings. Besides the work-related stuff, we often also talk about hobbies and plans for the weekend 😊

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We thrive on knowledge. How about you? No matter if you prefer reading, listening, watching, writing, or speaking; all alone at your own chair or on a stage in a hall full of people - we will always push you to learn and teach. Join our internal Academy, create a tech-community of your idea, take part in the IDEA_app hackathon, go to Kraków or London for a conference, give a short lecture within our Lightning Talks. And afterwards – tell the world about what you found out on our blog or at your team’s meeting.



We foster transparency. It means that at any moment of your work here you know where you stand.  Especially when you’re witnessing any kind of unwanted behavior or encounter any kind of situation that bothers you. Giving and receiving feedback is crucial for our people to excel and therefore for our Clients to trust us. Yes, Clients – we openly inform them about any difficulties that arise. ASAP or faster. And since giving and receiving feedback is a tough skill to master, we provide trainings so that you can learn that.     

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Our workplace

Our workplace

At Objectivity, you make the decision about your workplace. You can work 100% remotely, but if you want to see us in person, there’s plenty of room in our offices. Are you thinking about moving to Gdansk or Wroclaw? We will make this decision easier for you!

Let's check out our relocation package to Wroclaw and Gdansk.

Great Place to Work

Why are we a Great Place to Work?

We believe in our culture and its values. We are not afraid to take risks, we make mistakes and learn from them. For over than 8 years, we have been asking our employees for feedback as a part of the GPTW survey — this is the starting point for many of our initiatives, a good overview of successes and areas for improvement. Working with these results is a great challenge — after we present them to all our employees, we carefully look at each question and wonder what we can draw from it. We believe that communication, trust and development opportunities are what makes us a Great Place to Work.

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  • 99%

    AI Enhanced Customer Experience

    This is physically a safe place to work.

  • 96%

    Devops Support Professionals

    When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome

  • 95%

    Finance Improved Customer Experience

    This is a friendly place to work

  • 93%

    Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes

    Management is honest and ethical in its business practices

Benefits at Objectivity

Learn more about the perks that help us focus on delivery by addressing lots of daily challenges of working professionals. 

‘Great Place to Work’ Certificate

Contract for an indefinite period from day one

Development within working hours

(8 days/year)

Over 70 internal technical training and soft skill workshops

English or German classes during working hours


Pluralsight package

Bonus for recommending a highly-skilled professional

Relocation bonus


Would you like to join our team?

Build a career that suits your lifestyle, in a company where your voice matters. Let’s build a sustainable world together.

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