Software Engineering Manager (.NET)/Chapter Leader

Gdańsk (mostly remotely)

In short, this is what you need to know about the role. You will build an effective and motivated team. Your team will consist of 15 people to start with – both Team Leaders and Software Engineers. Chapter Leader is responsible for promoting best practices of software engineering within the team and also works directly with our clients, having direct impact on their business. You will act as a guide in the area where you have the highest level of knowledge. Developing skills within your Chapter – through coaching, training and mentoring, thereby building teams with versatile skills. You will be managing other Software Engineers, while you can also be a part of the programming workforce if you don't want to get rusty. You will also contribute to the growth of an IT Operations Services department that is responsible for the whole life cycle of an application. You will be given the ability to define and develop a capacity building roadmap for chapter members both on an individual and collective level.

Do you know that 95% of our engineers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I am happy to be part of this team”?

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kodu, zanim wyląduje w repozytorium, jest przeglądana podczas Code Review

Your Role:

Leading the Team Leaders and Software Engineers: mentoring, growing, onboarding new people, contributing to recruiting etc.

Managing and measuring the performance and development progress of team members.

Participating in the process of analysis, estimation, design, implementation and testing of new functionalities.

Working with various clients on technological and business areas: understanding and supporting client’s strategic goals, technical support, proactively bringing proposals for change.

Supporting HR in finding and acquiring talents.

Promoting high quality standards of programming: code review, tool selection, regular meetings (daily, planning, etc.).

Solving organizational issues of keeping the members of the team at work, including planning and accounting for absences.

Overseeing project delivery based on .Net and other web technologies: planning the work, delegating tasks in alignment with employee competences, securing capacity, cooperation with PM, BA, TA, SDM.

Supporting creation of internal tools and practices, from idea to implementation.

You are The One, if You have:

Experience in a leadership role.

English fluency

Practical knowledge of Source Control.

Experience in working with .Net and other web applications (At least 3 years of experience as a .NET developer).

Experience in .NET and mainstream ORM.

Experience in Microsoft Azure Could and Microsoft DevOps.

Why it is worth joining us:

95% of our engineers agreed or strongly agreed with the Happiness Index statement “I am happy to be part of this team”.

We believe in partnership-based approach when working in a team – we listen to each other, we take decisions together and we provide space for making mistakes.

Our clients consider us as technical experts, which means that they trust our recommendations, accept the decisions we take and believe that we always propose the best solutions.

Your team will consist of 15 people – both Team Leaders and Software Engineers, who are keen on their jobs thanks to a variety of tasks and technologies.

We went beyond the standard support scheme. Thanks to such an approach, our Engineers also could carry out development tasks.

You will be given an opportunity to take part in extensive decision-making process regarding good practices, work methodologies, as well as communication with the client.

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Check out our benefits.

Check out our Guilds and Tribes structure which helps us to avoid being a corporation.

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Hi! I'm Klaudia and you’ll meet me during the recruitment process. I’ll tell you more about the position and about the company, as well as answering any questions you may have.

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

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