Senior Content Writer (UK)


As a Content Writer at Objectivity, you’ll be responsible for writing, editing, and optimising a wide range of paid campaign and thought leadership content. Your role will be to apply relevant and informative story telling techniques to create customer-centric, value-adding narratives that will delight and engage IT decision makers 


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Key duties and responsibilities:

Writing and editing a variety of tech, business, and marketing content, such as blog posts, case studies, eBooks, video scripts, etc.

Optimising content and workflow processes.

Effectively collaborating with multiple stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of materials.

You’re the one we’re looking for if you have:

Extensive experience (3+ years) in creating compelling content for the IT sector.

A moderate understanding of the Polish language (min. level B1).

Practical and theoretical knowledge of English grammar.

Strong organisational skills.

Excellent English language skills (Native Speaker or C2+).

A bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent work experience.

An open-minded, proactive attitude.

An eye for discovering captivating narratives even in the least likely of places.

Nice to have:

Basic CMS editing skills.

Experience in social media marketing.

Experience in SEO copywriting.

Experience in writing copy for paid campaigns.

Why it is worth joining us:

You’ll become a part of a company which puts a lot of emphasis on marketing. We have a bold plan to become a marketing- and sales-driven organisation.

We’re not looking to merely drive sales—we focus on advising clients and prospects, increasing their awareness of market trends and opportunities, and building their knowledge with substantive content. We believe that, thanks to this, potential clients will gain a better understanding of how Objectivity can help them in their daily challenges.

You’ll have the opportunity to upskill in another area of marketing apart from content creation—we can help you if that’s something you’d like to explore.

You’ll be able to take part in Objectivity’s new, exciting marketing initiatives, thanks to which you’ll feel that your work has real influence on the company.

You’ll be able to benefit from valuable feedback—you and your leader will have regular meetings during which you’ll learn more about your strengths and how best to leverage them for both business and personal development purposes.

…And you’ll also be able to take advantage of a whole range of other benefits—see below.

To find out more:

Check out our benefits.

Check out our Guilds and Tribes structure which helps us to avoid being a corporation.

Moving to Wroclaw? Check out our relocation package.

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Recruitment Team Leader

Hi, I’m Wiola and you’ll meet me during the recruitment process. You can expect a good dose of information on how we run projects here in Objectivity.

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

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