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We are an Agile-oriented, value-driven team of more than 700 professionals, who strive to deliver our clients excellent software. We like to call ourselves digital transformation specialists. We’ve been working for many well-known brands since the year 1991 from Coventry (UK) and in 2005, we set up our fully owned development center in Wrocław (PL). In every relation we build – especially between the colleagues, us and clients, us and suppliers – win-win solutions. We create an informal atmosphere, where everyone is equal, so you may always share your thoughts with your supervisor. Your opinions are welcome because you are treated as an expert in your field. win win is our central philosophy, and this holds true for all our stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

We are looking for a person passionate about design and eager to help us deliver fit-for-purpose design services to our clients. You will be given responsibility and autonomy to create and implement your vision for the department based on your personal experience, feedback from the client, market trends as well as the overall strategy of the organisation. We are looking for a person who will show our clients that, although we are a software house, we have outstanding user experience and design capabilities. You will also make them see that we are capable of creating equally good or even better designs, similarly to regular design agencies – our advantage is that we can also deliver a designed software. We will expect you to get engaged at an early stage of the relationship in order to understand the client’s needs and constraints so as to create an appealing offer that would meet the client’s request. If you’re the one, you will become an advocate of our design services for both the inside and outside world. We will expect you to be our clients’ partner in discussions on how software products should be designed or what the design process should look like. You are also expected to challenge them in order to find a win-win solution.

Additional responsibilities of your team are to support internal company initiatives and provide different departments with graphical assets to be used in marketing and other communication-related activities. Due to the fact that you will need to  manage the workload you will need to have great organisational skills and first and foremost, the ability to assess the business value of the request made to the team.

The team currently consists of 8 user experience specialists and 8 visual designers with a potential to grow. You’ll be reporting to a Director-level role and you will also be exposed to the CEO and the board of the company.

Below you can find additional expectations regarding the role.

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Main responsibilities and expectations:

- to take the ownership of the design offering,

- to create a development strategy for the team (UX and Visual Designers),

- to support the sales team for all markets in presales activities, create offers for our clients that will meet their needs and make them commercially attractive,

- to oversee the work of our internal visual team for internal clients and to be a voice of reason in the context of the requested work.

- to grow the design business via headcount and revenue,

- to be a partner in a discussion with our client in the context of product and service design,

- to overview the team work in order to ensure effective delivery of projects and to implement a fit-for-purpose delivery model,


- being passionate about design and having a design-related background,

- ability to manage CxO-level stakeholders,

- challenging the status quo and being open to challenges,

- experience in direct cooperation with the external clients,

- fluent English,

- experience in a leader/manager position,

- ability to think out of the box and be creative in solving delivery problems as well as meeting the client’s expectations,

- experience in product development and product management,

- business trips (25% minimum),

- understanding of the software delivery process.

Why it is worth joining us:

We offer you an inspiring working environment – you will cooperate with experts in various fields.

Our organizational culture is based on knowledge-sharing and friendly help – we do our best to give every support you need to excel at what you do.

We offer relocation package – for candidates from outside of Lower Silesia.

Your voice is heard - since our philosophy is based on good practices and open communication.

We make you feel comfortable with us by offering among others: English lessons within working hours, medical care for you and your family or partner, Multisport card, free fruits.

To find out more:

Check out our Guilds and Tribes structure which helps us to avoid being a corporation.

Moving to Wroclaw? Check out our relocation package.

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Vice Head of People & Culture

Hello, I'm Kasia. You will meet me on the interview, soon :). I will probably ask about your past work experience, what you like at your work the most and what are your plans for the future :) and of course about your opinion on our company. Good luck&see you!  

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

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