Front-end Developer

Gdańsk or Wrocław (mostly remotely), short-term contract

You will be responsible for the creation of high-quality software. You won't work alone. You will be a part of the team, where developers, technical architects, business analysts and testers work together. We have created our own process, where the crucial aspects are communication and a strong friendly relationship with the customer. We are also continuously improving our skills and knowledge by peer code reviews. We want you to implement your ideas with us and we would like to hear your opinion. 

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kodu, zanim wyląduje w repozytorium, jest przeglądana podczas Code Review

About project

We are looking for 3 people.

The required commitment is 8 hours a day.

Technologies used in the project: Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, UI Router.

The product is ready. Currently, a reskin is being made based on the refreshed designs. It was originally written in AngularJS, but we are in the middle of an advanced migration to Angular (9+) with UI-Router providing interoperability between the frameworks. The interface uses the SUIT CSS convention instead of the Angular Shadow DOM view encapsulation, all in responsive web design. Apart from the reskin, work is on the front side in teams developing new business functionalities.

The project is in progress and will last until the end of March (with the possibility of extension).

100% remote cooperation is possible.

The project is interesting both in terms of business and technology. It combines a training management program with a program to supplement the current skills of employees. Moreover, it supports the entire recruitment and employee development process. It provides an extensive view of the whole organization, and it also functions like an internal Facebook.

Your Role

Developing enterprise class web-based systems.

Providing high quality standards of programming.

Participating in the process of analysis, estimation, design, implementation and testing of a new functionality.

You focus solely on the front-end side, working together with back-end experts.

Sharing knowledge, setting standards, having an impact on the best practices.

You are The One, if you have

3 years of experience in front-end development.

Very good knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript.

Knowledge of RWD, mobile first design.

Skills in Unit testing, Integration testing, E2E testing.

Practical knowledge of and experience in web security and performance.

Fluent in English, at least B2 level.

Proven experience in developing Angular applications.

Experience in front-end automation and frontend-oriented tools such as: bundlers, npm/yarn, gulp, linters, CLI.

Knowledge of REST-based API design and development.

Knowledge of HTML/CSS and pre-processors.

Knowledge of Git and Git workflows.

Desirable skills

Experience in web applications architecture concepts, Redux, reactive programming, state management.

Knowledge of Micro Frontends approach.

Knowledge of Web Components concept.

Knowledge of Web Accessibility.

To find out more

Check out our Guilds and Tribes structure which helps us to avoid being a corporation.

We deeply care about knowledge exchange and for that reason we organize WROC# conference.

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Recruitment Team Leader

Hi, I’m Wiola and you’ll meet me during the recruitment process. You can expect a good dose of information on how we run projects here in Objectivity.

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

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Zapoznajemy się z CV każdego kandydata, który do nas aplikuje. Pozytywny wynik tego etapu oznacza dla Ciebie zaproszenie na spotkanie.



Będziesz miał okazję spotkać się ze specjalistami z Działu HR i Technicznego, do którego aplikujesz. Chcemy Cię poznać i pokazać kawałek naszej rzeczywistości w Objectivity.


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