Our client – A leading UK retailer

Our British client, with whom we have been working since 2012, specialises in the sale of fast-moving consumer goods such as consumables, household goods and cleaning products. The company currently has more than 500 large stores spread across England, Wales and Scotland. 11 million clients visit these stores each week. Our client is listed on the London Stock Exchange and its shares are listed on the FTSE 100 index.

Our cooperation mainly involves the maintenance and development of key functional systems of the company. These work in various technological environments, simultaneously integrating with mainframe solutions and operating systems such as Microsoft, as well as the Oracle Retail ecosystem. One of the key functions of these applications is the management of the goods delivery cycle. The makeup of this involves the creation of lists and product quantities delivered for specific payments—taking into account the state of the warehouse, amount of goods on the shelves and needs of different shops. We also take care of the systems managing loyalty programs.

In order to support the development of our client, we also write new applications. To serve smaller payments, we have created a system allowing the design of an advanced delivery schedule with a degree of accuracy down to a specific product, shop and day of the week. Thanks to the creation of this system, utilising Agile methodologies, we were able to quickly gain the client’s trust. We regularly present progress in demos and drive planned sprint periods. We are currently have almost 20 specialists working on 3 separate projects for the client.





% of our leaders were promoted internally

Our client employees over 117,000 people

IT, in itself, does not have any given value; but when working within the realm of business, it facilitates the money flow, improves processes and increases user business satisfaction. That is the value of IT. IT solutions also exist thanks to people, their creativity and their knowledge. That is the most valuable part of my daily work—people from the IT community working to better business and improve client satisfaction as a result of their work.

Czarek Dąbrowski Chapter Leader Support Manager

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