IFDL is a company from the finance branch and is part of Royal London—the largest mutual insurer in the United Kingdom. The basis of our client’s business activities is a platform allowing investment in shares and financial products available on the funds market and structured financial products market. The platform is utilised by over 4000 people, including independent financial advisors. At the close of 2014, the company had managed capital to a value of 8.9 billion GDP on behalf of its clients.

We have been working with IDFL since 2012, within the scope of a program under the code name Accelerator. Its aim is to ensure the scalability of systems in line with the dynamic growth in the number of platform users, the number of funds managed by the company (a growth of 22% in 2014), and the amount of financial operations undertaken. The system we have created supports the work of dealers, helping them to, for example, spectacularly shorten the time needed to complete complicated operations (from a few days down to a couple of hours). The program also facilities the dealers when making decisions regarding the sale or purchase of shares, cutting the time of making all essential calculations from minutes down to mere seconds.

We have a great business relationship with our colleagues from IFDL and work in a warm environment—they usually visit us once a month. The head architect is also open to discussion and we are bound to the Product Owner by a solid working partnership. We work on processes together, meaning we make joint decisions about program design and how each Sprint should look (including organisation of work, as well as the number of people in each team and their roles). Even though there more than 40 people working on the program, from our side and the client’s, we are all on first name terms. Within the scope of the Accelerator project, we also have the opportunity to work with teams from India and Australia.

Over the course of the years, we have gained a deep trust from the client regarding our service—they openly say that we are the service delivery team with which they do the best work. As a result, in 2014, ourselves and IFDL were jointly nominated for the prestigious “Outsourcing Professional Award” organised by the National Outsourcing Association. We were ranked within the Top 3 and Top 5 firms, respectively, in the “Best IT Outsourcing Team” and “Best Offshored Outsourcing Team” categories.



the number of values we have (People, Integrity, Excellence, Agility, Win Win), which you will see every day in the company

The client’s headquarters are located in Bath, which is a listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a centre of culture, education and tourism which is visited by around 4 million people each year. It is also the home to one of the only natural hot springs in Britain.

The project presented us with a lot of challenges. We are one of many firms engaged in the delivery of end products in a large and complicated program. Apart from business analysis, we have to simplify the system analysis tasks, as the applications we have created need to properly integrate with several “foreign” systems. This means that the work in the project is never boring and we can always count on new problems arising which need to be solved.

Dorota Wolna Chapter Leader Business Analyst