Software Engineer (SQL)

Working from home or at the Wrocław/ Gdańsk office

Do you want to work in a dynamic company where everyone is equal and your opinions are welcome, because you are treated as an expert in your field? We are an agile-oriented, value-driven team of more than 600 professionals, who strive to deliver our clients excellent software. In every relation we build – especially between the colleagues, between us and clients, us and suppliers – we believe in win-win solutions.


open spaces; instead we have project rooms

Your role:

Designing and developing fixes and enhancements.

Cooperation with PMs, BAs, TAs, QEs and Developers.

Detecting and solving issues in the client’s system based on Microsoft's technologies.

Maintaining client’s system following established rules.

Participant in commercial projects.

Implementing changes in the system.

Actively monitoring and optimizing existing systems.

Maintain communication with customers.

You are The One, if you have:

Broad T-SQL knowledge.

Knowledge about code analysis and optymalization.

ITIL v3 Foundation certificate or at least knowledge of ITIL framework.

MS SQL SSIS knowledge will be a significant plus.

Willingness to self-development for both hard and soft skills areas.

Good command of C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Java Script.

At least 2 years of experience using MS SQL Server.

Good command of English (B2 or higher).

Customer oriented mindset and excellent communication skills.

Knowing AGILE methodology will be a plus.

Why it is worth joining us:

95% of our engineers agreed or strongly agreed with the Happiness Index statement “I am happy to be part of this team”.

We believe in partnership-based approach when working in a team – we listen to each other, we take decisions together and we provide space for making mistakes.

Your team will consist of 12 people – both Team Leaders and Software Engineers, who are keen on their jobs thanks to a variety of tasks and technologies.

You will be given an opportunity to take part in extensive decision-making process regarding good practices, work methodologies, as well as communication with the client.

You will have a space to design implement and develop your own solution.

Our clients consider us as technical experts, which means that they trust our recommendations, accept the decisions we take and believe that we always propose the best solutions.

We went beyond the standard support scheme. Thanks to such an approach, our Engineers also could carry out development tasks.

… Even if we do not get to start our cooperation, you are certain to receive extensive feedback including both business and technical aspects. We believe it is one of the most valuable development tools.


To find out more

Check out our Guilds and Tribes structure which helps us to avoid being a corporation.

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Recruitment & Onboarding Consultant

Hi, my name is Wojtek. My strengths, according to the Gallup Institute, are as follows: Harmony, Analytical, Relator, Individualization, and Consistency. This means that during every recruitment meeting, I instinctively build a relationship in a very natural way, which helps me make you feel as comfortable as possible. I easily identify traits or experiences that distinguish one person from another. So you can be sure I will not miss the fact that you are a unique person! My broad experience tells me I may be regarded by people as a fine trainer, tutor, or instructor. So please, don’t be afraid about receiving valuable feedback in a way that you can use to improve your competences in the nearest future.

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

Get in contact

This is how your recruitment process will look


Analysis of the application

We read through every single CV we are sent. A positive outcome here will mean you are invited for an interview.


The interview

You’ll have the chance to meet specialists from our HR Department, as well as from the Technical Department to which you have applied. We want to get to know you and show you a little of the reality of Objectivity.


Recruitment results

If we decide to employ you, we call you with an offer. No matter what the result, we contact everyone with detailed feedback about the recruitment process.