Market Research Analyst

Working from home or at the Wrocław/ Gdańsk office

We’re looking for a passionate research analyst, whose experience will help us put the ambitious plans of our business into action.

Your role at Objectivity is to study the market to examine the potential sales of our services. The outcome of your analysis will help us reshape our offering and identify areas of development in terms of technology and industry solutions. Since this is the first time we have been looking for an expert in this area, you may also influence our approach to market analysis and shape the way we use tools.

We invite everyone to our team, so don’t let anything (e.g. your disability) stop you from applying for this position.

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Your role:

Carrying out research and analysis of business data and market reports in the IT area, in terms of technology and industry solutions.

Combining information and communicating practical conclusions.

Creating reports and presenting insights; providing strategic recommendations.

Cooperating with sales and technical departments as well as external analyst agencies.

Carrying out competitor and benchmark research and analysis.

Identifying trends that should be included in our offer.

Participating in the planning of strategic directions for marketing activities.

You are The One, if you have:

At least 3 years of experience in the market research & analysis area.

Ability to synthesize information.

Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.

Fluency in both spoken and written English.

Attention to details.

Skills to communicate the outcomes of your analysis in a clear & effective manner.

Why it is worth joining us:

You will take part in major changes in the marketing area at Objectivity. It’s in the process of reshaping, so you will have great influence on your key area.

You will work with various teams within the company, thanks to which you’ll get to know how we work and learn more about the IT industry.

Each of us directly cooperates with a leader, and in our daily work, we put an emphasis on feedback sharing. During regular meetings with your leader, you will find out your strengths and determine the way of using them both for business and personal development purposes.

…And you’ll also be able to take advantage of a wide range of other benefits – see below.

… Even if we do not get to start our cooperation, you are certain to receive extensive feedback including both business and technical aspects. We believe it is one of the most valuable development tools.


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Retain Lead

Hi, my name is Kalina. My strengths, according to the Gallup Institute, are as follows: Woo, Input, Harmony, Communication, and Adaptability. This means I will try to break the ice to make the whole process easier for you. During our recruitment meeting, I will be looking for common ground. I enjoy listening to stories about work experiences, but I also like the possibility to share and explain our offer.

We have a team of more than 700 experts, who know their stuff. We use common sense more often than we use the procedures. And most probably, we play the most fierce table football matches in Wrocław. We develop Enterprise-class software in the atmosphere full of the English sense of humour.

Get in contact

This is how your recruitment process will look


Analysis of the application

We read through every single CV we are sent. A positive outcome here will mean you are invited for an interview.


The interview

You’ll have the chance to meet specialists from our HR Department, as well as from the Technical Department to which you have applied. We want to get to know you and show you a little of the reality of Objectivity.


Recruitment results

If we decide to employ you, we call you with an offer. No matter what the result, we contact everyone with detailed feedback about the recruitment process.